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Organic Kitchen Gardens is a fusion of a passion for Cuisine, Design and Sustainable food production.

We create stylised edible gardens  for the Culinary artist, Home cook and the Urban foodie using organic gardening  and food production methods combined with traditional landscape design principles for year-round beauty and productivity.


We believe in sustainable food production. Therefore, as much as possible, our gardens are grown using Organic open-pollinated seeds and seedlings, and where available heirloom variety.


We do not use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms in the installation or maintenance of our gardens.

We believe food should be grown in close proximity to people to limit its contribution to the carbon foot print and enable a more efficient use of resources employed in its production, sales and distribution especially where water and energy are concerned.


Organic Kitchen Gardens is committed to operating sustainably.


We therefore endeavor  to use existing public transportation infrastructure as much as possible so as to contribute towards reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. We reserve the use of a private vehicle for transporting materials, equipment and/ or the installation crew where necessary. For nearby locations, we are also very happy to walk to your home or place of business. 


We support local businesses by relying on them for the supply of goods and services, ensuring a local supply chain as much as possible.



Joy Phala is a landscape designer and organic gardner with a keen interest in Soil science, Botany and Ecology. 

She studied Landscape Design at Lifestyle College and was part of the team that  designed the Contemporary English Rose Garden at the 2018 Lifestyle Garden Design Show.

Prior to Organic Kitchen Gardens, Joy was a Management Consultant at EOH PUBLIC SECTOR a division of the EOH group of companies. Her focus areas at EOH were Public Sector Finance, Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management. 


She has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Management Accounting from the University of the Witwatersrand and went on to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Internal Auditing at the University of South Africa.

Most importantly she is a cook and a foodie. It is her passion for the culinary arts that led her to establishing Organic Kitchen Gardens.

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