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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Here are some of my favorite harvests from this season.


Asparagus Food Photography

Some unusual and equally delicious vegetables to consider planting this season:

Ethopian Eggplants

Sweetbell peppers

Black Nebula Carrots

Black Zebra Tomatoes



Tea food photography

Artemisia Afra – Lengana/ Wild wormwood - tea made from this indigenous herb will help soothe colds and flues

Bulbine frutescens – Burn jelly plant will sort out burns, cuts, bruises and rashes. This plant is a useful first-aid remedy for my boy's daily knocks and scrapes.

(Please note that this information is for educational purposes and not substitute for professional medical advice or treatment).

Culinary herbs


These are perfect growing just outside the kitchen for those moments when you need to snip a few stalks to add to whatever may be cooking on the stove.

There’s indigenous varieties too!

Italian basil

Flat leaf parsley

Bay leaf

Tulbaghia violacea – indigenous Wild garlic

Fresh-cut flowers

Fresh cut flowers

Yes, yes indeed girls. Pick your favourite fresh flowers from your garden to spruce up your home and impress your guests this summer.

Here are some of mine:

Zantedeschia aethopica – Arum lily

Eucomis pallidiflora - Giant pineapple lily

Crinum macowani - Crinum lily

Lavandula species - Lavender

Fruit & Nut

Almonds food photography

There’s nothing like the sweet buttery flavour of fresh nuts and the delicious freshly picked fruit. None of that bitter after taste from store bought varieties.

Here are some of my favourite to grow this season:

Peaches and Nectarines

Cape gooseberries


Macadamia nuts


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