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I don't know about you but winter was just not created for me. I'm slower and my mind is constantly insisting on things my body doesn't want to do. Mind be like, "Joy time to hit the gym, Body on some, " I don't need a summer body in winter".

Yoh, winter is a lot of admin bhakithi which is why I'm a big fan of creating little pockets of comfort living to enjoy the natural light and fresh air of the garden. It's a reward to myself for taking the punishment winter dishes out.

Cozy Balcony Garden Essentials

1. A Comfortable Setting

Yes a luxurious chair or settee is a must. However I also want to be able to snuggle under a warm fluffy blanket in the company of The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde and my lemon honey and mint tea.

So i'm going to need a comfort pillow to rest my neck, small coffee table for my tea and a magazine rack by my side because once I sit down, I'm not about ruin the moment by getting up to grab a copy of my favourite magazine from inside the house.

It does help to have the balcony undercover but if this is not practical use weather proof furnishings and materials.

2. Step on to comfort.

One of the things I look forward to when I come back home from work is taking my shoes off and in to my slippers and gown. If I can go barefoot, even better.

But there's nothing like the rude awakening of stepping on a freshly cold concrete floor in July.

Solution - A warm, soft outdoor rug .

3. Keep it even more warm.

Nothing like crackling sound of fire and its warm air blowing in my face. From a built-in fire place to a fire bowl and all the gas heaters in between, you can still enjoy the winter light and fresh air in comfort.

This fire rack takes me back to the days of Mpaula.

Hint, if you don't have the patience or skill to put prepare a fire, a gas heater is your best friend.

4. Plant it up.

Science is proving more and more that the mere sight of plants has a profound impact on our psyche. Doctors in the UK are prescribing gardening and garden courses as part of treatment for mental health patients.

If you have some sun exposure on your balcony during this time, try growing your favourite cut flowers in pots and you can switch it up as an when the season allows.

Otherwise the big and bold foliage of tropical indoor ferns and delicious monsters make for good company on a shaded balcony.

I like to keep the colours in this space very simple but if you must have a splash of colour go with variations of the same hue for a monochromatic look.

I've got a surprise for you.

I've rounded up some ideas for you to create your own cozy balcony garden on my Pinterest page. Enjoy

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