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Flower Photography, Amaryllis, plants for shade, entrance garden

I love entrance gardens, I love creating them. This part of the garden sets the tone and mood for the rest of the home. It is where we greet our neighbours, it's the place where we welcome visitors, its also the first thing we see when we enter our homes. So, why not create a space that will lift your mood and inspire cheerful tranquil thoughts.

Flower Photography, Amaryllis, plants for shade, entrance garden

When your entrance is the size of a shoe box and in perpetual shade, as it is for most of us living in small urban spaces, creating a productive and beautiful garden presents an exciting and challenging opportunity. Furthermore you are in complete control of the effect of every plant, feature or special item you decide to incorporate into the space in a way that is not quite possible in large garden.

Flower Photography, Amaryllis, plants for shade, entrance garden

Practice restraint.

As exciting as this control is avoid displaying all your garden tricks.

Instead go with a single theme and one or two colours. The aim is to create an overture not a full symphony. While this may be limiting, keep in mind that a garden is never static, you can always change it to go with the seasons or your interest at any point in time.

In this entrance the Amaryllis creates a tropical feel to the contemporary architecture of the apartment and the big bold white flowers brighten up the dark coloured walls floors and doors.

Lean in to the micro climates

Tall city buildings come with shade. Your entrance garden may be shaded in the morning, and completely exposed in the afternoon or vice versa. Sometimes the shade is constant. Instead of fighting these micro climates because you have a desire for certain plants, you'll be much more successful leaning in to these conditions. Grow plants that require or will tolerate the micro climate of your entrance garden.

An extension of your home.

A garden whether large or small is an extension of your house, your living space and therefore your lifestyle. This extension can be a visual, functional or productive one. The best types of gardens offers all three possibilities.

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